EVENT: April 27th: Business Intelligence in the Health Care Age with Duke Health Sector Management.
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Making the Most of Business Intelligence, with Verizon's Wade Baker


"I do a lot of work with digital forensics. We have a team that any time there’s a corporate data breach, we go in and investigate.

"So I'm very interested in gathering the data that we do have, analyzing it in more mature ways, and coming to better conclusions so that our systems are more well-protected than they have been in years past.

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Featured Chart:
What the Commercial Accountable Care Organizations Are Reporting

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View the Top 10 findings from a select group of representatives from leading payer and provider organizations which have already been engaged in a commercial accountable care organization (ACO) or plan to do so in the near future. (MedeAnalytics)

Improving Clinical Outcomes with Informatics, with MedeAnalytics' David A. Watson


"Informatics is particularly important now given both the focus on clinical quality and cost combined with the impact of the recent legislation in the United States.

"The common themes of affordability, accountability and value that President Obama, Secretary Sebelius, Don Berwick and others have espoused make data and therefore informatics an absolute imperative."

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Sponsor Spotlight - Quintiles:
Transforming Clinical Evidence-Based Research


A landmark, high-tech initiative to evidence-based medicine has been launched in New York state.

This innovative project will connect hospitals, physicians, some patients' homes and pharmaceutical scientists, offering valuable insights into current, real-world medical practices.

It is expected to significantly increase the speed, quality and efficacy of clinical studies, helping to provide patients with quicker access to new, life-saving medicines.

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Research Excerpt :
2010 Data Breach Investigations Report - By the Verizon RISK Team and the US Secret Service


The analysis of breaches in aggregate can be of great benefit; the more we study, the more prepared we are to stop them.

Not surprisingly, the United States Secret Service is also interested in studying and stopping data breaches. They've increased the scope of what we’re able to study dramatically.

We’ve learned a great deal from this journey and we’re glad to have the opportunity to share these findings with you.

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Editor's Note

"We invite you to join members of the Duke community and senior thought leaders to engage in thought-provoking discussions concerning business intelligence and its application to the health and non-health care markets as we strive for a common goal of improving outcomes while reducing costs."

Ana Quinn, MBA
Associate Director, Business Development (HSM & MMCi)
Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

Industry Fast Fact

"Meaningful use of electronic medical records is viewed as virtually a prerequisite for an accountable care organization"

#1 Finding, "Providers, Top 10 Findings"
Commercial ACO
Market Research Findings


Upcoming Conference

Join the Experts that Are Shaping the Informatics Field:

Duke’s Health Sector Management (HSM) and Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi) programs are on the cutting edge of addressing the dynamic issues facing the health care industry today.

Its upcoming "Second Annual Informatics Conference: Business Intelligence in the Health Care Age" is bringing together the best minds in business, education and information technology to discuss innovative business strategies that will move the health care market forward.

April 27, 2011:
Second Annual Informatics Conference: Business Intelligence in the Health Care Age

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"The conference was exceptional from both content and organization perspectives. The speakers were apt, and very well chosen. We are looking forward to the conference next year."

-2010 Attendee

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94% of Speakers and Panelists received post-conference ratings of "Very Good" or "Excellent".

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