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Sponsor Spotlight: Empowering New Healthcare Insight with Teradata


By: Rick Ingraham, the Director of Health & Life Sciences and Global Industry Solutions
February 2011

Rapidly escalating costs, growing ranks of the uninsured, rampant fraud, aging & deteriorating populations (chronically ill, morbidly obese, etc.), new diseases, costly new “miracle” drugs - there certainly is no shortage of challenges facing healthcare organizations. Now throw into the mix the passing of historic legislation and reform in US healthcare.

Teradata Corporation continues to take a leadership role in helping all players within the healthcare ecosystem achieve critical balances between quality of care, cost of care and improved care outcomes.

Even before last year’s Affordable Care Act, an increasing public focus on the payer and provider organizations had nudged all entities to seriously question and demonstrate what and how they are improving organizational efficacy and efficiency. There is serious angst and anxiety, not only in the US but globally, as consumers everywhere are demanding more from their healthcare organization.

There is every reason to expect this focus will intensify. Each healthcare entity can no longer operate within a “business as usual” mode. Rather they must ensure that every possible data point available is leveraged to the fullest to understand changes in and improve patient engagement, provider care practices, and cost controls without sacrificing outcomes. Sponsor and delivery models will continue to change globally but no matter how they evolve, one thing looks certain: data is becoming the life blood of a changing digital market and data warehousing and analytics are the heart that pumps it… and there is no better, scalable, experienced and dependable pump than Teradata.

Teradata delivers a single, authoritative enterprise and analytic data environment for healthcare organizations focusing not only on consolidating data from the myriad of healthcare data sources but using business intelligence to make better informed decisions. Teradata solutions are structured toward the specific data and operational challenges within the health provider, payer and regulatory complexities without sacrificing the increasing need to perform out-of-the-box analytics to develop and execute leading-edge benefit plan programs, care practices, fiduciary insight and control, and integrated care accountability.

Globally as new rules and regulations are defined to reform healthcare, Teradata expertise within the healthcare industry can be leveraged to lead the discussions around the new data and analytic challenges of healthcare reform. From fraud detection and prevention to care management and safety to patient/consumer engagement, now is the time to be actively engaged within the industry.

Furthermore, the Teradata platform will enable health insurers, care providers and government entities along with the new small employer buying consortiums and integrated plan/provider care accountability programs to respond to the immediate needs for care and cost supervision as we partner in expanding the manner in which efficacy and efficiency can be measured, monitored and enhanced in the US and throughout the globe.

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For more information, please contact:

Ana Quinn
Associate Director, Business Development
Health Sector Management
Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi)
Phone: 919-660-7900