webinar services.

Over 10 years of experience delivering high-stakes webinar events.


Project Management: We take the guesswork out of webinar preparation. We create and guide clients along pre-production timelines so that marketers, speakers, and business developers have laid the foundation for a successful webinar.

Registration Management: Our customizable, mobile-friendly, webinar registration platform matches the branding and needs of each client. Meanwhile, real-time reporting allows marketers to track and act on every activity.


Expert Support: In addition to the technology, we provide an experienced, dedicated production team to moderate and technically support your webinar.

We Cover Everything

  • Power-outage resistant delivery
  • Multiple webinar production locations
  • Multiple Internet connections at each location
  • Multiple production computers
  • Two conference line providers
  • A backup webinar room
  • And more...


Reporting: Receive detailed information on each registrant’s and attendee’s activities so you can nurture leads and drive sales conversations.

On-Demand Assets: After your live webinar is over, we repackage the event into a user-friendly recording that continue to generate leads by tracking new registrations and poll responses.


The Best Webinar Platform: Adobe® Connect™ has been named a “Leader” of Webinar Technology by Gartner for 8 years in a row.

The Nitty-Gritty: The general rule is: if you want to do it, we can do it. We provide branding, VoIP/telephone audio, video streaming, music, screen sharing, polling, multiple and flexible layouts, whiteboards, drawing, a presenter-only area, host/presenter/participant chatting, and more.


Tailored to Your Needs: We will customize reports, run additional rehearsals, and do whatever else is needed so that each client receives the service and deliverables they need for their webinars to be a success.

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